Two-Year-Old Watching Kids' Videos On YouTube Now Fluent In Thirteen Foreign Languages
Life · Aug 28, 2019 ·

BRIGGS, IA - Amy Fenton says her two-year-old son, Hunter spends an average of six to twelve hours a day on her iPad watching YouTube Kids. While some experts would say that this amount of screen-time is not good for children, Fenton says her son learns all kinds of things from the educational videos on YouTube Kids. "In the last few weeks he has learned how to say 'red', 'dog', and he can now speak fluent Ukranian," Fenton told reporters. 

Fenton says that while Hunter has learned a handful of English words, he can speak thirteen foreign languages fluently including Russian, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Urdu, and Spanish. "He started out learning to sing 'Let It Go' in Russian and it all kind of snowballed from there." Fenton says Hunter will often speak to her for hours in Latvian. "I have no idea what he is saying but it is so cute."

The proud mother says she is hopeful that her son will one day use his abilities to get a job in tech, perhaps tech support. "He can also sing Disney songs in Arabic, and I'm pretty sure that's a marketable skill in some job market out there somewhere."


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