Trump Uses His One Phone Call to Ring Up Ron DeSantis And Yell At Him
Politics · Mar 31, 2023 ·

NEW YORK, NY — Family, friends, and legal advisors of President Donald Trump were confused after learning Trump used his one phone call to contact Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and berate him from his location in a New York jail.

"Yeah is this Ron DeSanctimonious?" Trump was heard shouting into the phone while wearing his orange jumpsuit. "Wrong Way Ron — that's who you are! I'm sitting here in jail on completely bogus charges, the Democrats are continuing their disgusting witch hunt, and for that, you're going to pay, Ron! You're going to pay BIGLY! Do you think this makes it easier for you to swoop in and take the nomination? You haven't even announced! SAD!"

Trump is facing multiple charges brought by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg in a case many legal analysts find highly questionable. Though Trump has loudly voiced his opinion that the charges are politically motivated and an attempt to stop his 2024 presidential campaign, he chose to call DeSantis and chew him out rather than consult with his legal team. "This is the most horrible misuse of authority in the history of the country! Many people are saying so! But you know who I'm mad at? You, Ron! Just wait until they give me back my cell phone and I can start Truthing about you again! MAGA!"

Sources within the Governor's office indicated that, while the call was surprising, DeSantis seemed unflustered. "The Governor has more important things to deal with," said the source. "Like traveling around and campaigning without making any announcements."

At publishing time, with his one phone call already used, Trump was reportedly discussing legal strategy with his attorneys via charades-style sign language through his jail cell window.

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