Trump Delivers Brief State Of The Union Via Twitter: 'Everything Going Terrific!'
Politics · Jan 17, 2019 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - For the first time ever, a sitting president has delivered the State of the Union via Twitter, the address being composed of nothing more than a single tweet that read "EVERYTHING GOING TERRIFIC!"

President Donald Trump tweeted out 2019's State of the Union without warning early Wednesday morning. The abbreviated address was given rave reviews all across the nation, with Americans agreeing it was far better than the circus they are used to.

Politicians usually show their support or lack thereof for each item in the president's annual speech by standing or sitting, respectively. This time, Trump's congressional supporters simply "liked" the tweet, while 100% of Democratic congresspeople didn't. Several Democrats subtweeted the president or quote-tweeted him in an attempt to "dunk on" his statement.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer replied to Trump with several reaction GIFs, but were quickly ratioed.

"Clear, concise, effective: it's everything the typical State of the Union isn't," said a Fox News commentator. 

At publishing time, CNN had run a 4-hour special fact-checking every single word in the tweet.

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