Trump Accused Of Fomenting Violence By Hovering Over Cities In A Hot Air Balloon Chanting 'Fight! Fight! Fight!'
Politics ยท Sep 3, 2020

U.S. - Riots, arson, and shootings continue in major cities, and while many blame the left for being too tolerant of such actions in Democrat-run cities, others blame President Donald Trump for the violence. They particularly blame how he now spends much of his time floating over cities in a hot air balloon, chanting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"He's encouraging this violence," presidential candidate Joe Biden said in a taped message from a secret location far underground. "People are protesting peacefully, but then they look up, and there's the president yelling at them to fight. That feels a bit like incitement."

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany dismissed these accusations. "The fact is, the president is a hot air balloon enthusiast. And while maybe he could choose his words -- or in this instance, word -- more carefully, he has a First Amendment right like anyone else."

She then continued to dismiss any connection between the president floating above riots and laughing and yelling and any of the unrest seen in major cities. "What we have are a bunch of cities run by Democrats and completely falling apart," McEnany said. "And while they'd love to point fingers at some outside source -- such as the president floating above them and chanting, 'Fight!' -- the real reason is in their policies."

So far, the president has not commented on his actions himself, as he was last seen floating far too high over Portland after he tried to drop all his sandbags on a cat.


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