Tragic: Mom Forgot To Have Her Baby Do Tummy Time For One Day And Now His Head Is Shaped Like A Box
Family · Nov 6, 2023 ·

WACO, TX — Tragedy struck a local family today after a mother went the entire day without having her infant do "tummy time," resulting in the baby's head taking on the shape of a weird, fleshy cube.

"I'm sorry, son! I'm so, so sorry!" sobbed the baby's mother, Linda Caldwell. "Everything was so busy, I completely forgot about tummy time today! Your poor little head…sweetheart, I'm so sorry!"

The baby boy, Kayden, will now go through life with a head reminiscent of a Pablo Picasso cubist figure. "We try to warn parents about the dangers of neglecting tummy time," said pediatrician and child development specialist Dr. Martin Van Nostrand. "Failure to perform tummy time every single day will result in your baby having a square head. Everyone knows this, and yet, some parents have to learn the hard way."

The Caldwells have done their best to come to grips with their new reality, understanding that little Kayden will now make a "clomp, clomp" sound as he learns to roll over. "We'll just have to adjust to this new normal," father Phil Caldwell said. "Heck, the older kids have already started to have fun with stacking things on Kayden's head and enjoying the fact that he looks like a character from Minecraft. He'll just be known as ‘that block-headed kid down the street,' and we have to accept that."

Pediatricians are urging parents to learn from this horrific tragedy and avoid this happening to more precious little ones.

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