Tragic: This Man Has Had Switchfoot's 'Dare You To Move' Stuck In His Head For 13 Years
Entertainment · Nov 29, 2016 ·

HENDERSON, NV - If you're ever tempted to think your life is bad, just get a load of this guy: Jimmy Rainier, 36, has had Switchfoot's hit 2000 song "Dare You To Move" stuck in his head since he first heard it playing in an Old Navy retail outlet all the way back in 2004.

"The fateful hour I first heard that song will haunt me til the day I die," a tearful Rainier said on a 20/20 special Sunday night. "I distinctly remember that it was a crisp autumn day, and I wandered into the Old Navy to try to score a few cheap polos. They were like $10 - it was a pretty great sale. Anyway, just as I was checking out, I heard Jon Foreman belt out 'Welcome to the planet, welcome to existence' from the store's PA system."

According to Rainier, he then got in his car and turned on his radio, only to hear the Christian station he listens to playing the same song.

"After that, things got out of hand. I picked up The Beautiful Letdown on CD and just played that song on repeat over and over again."

Rainier has seen several neurological specialists, all of whom were "baffled" by his condition, and stated they were completely unable to help him get the pop-rock anthem un-lodged from his short-term memory.

"Just pray for miraculous healing, that's all I can ask at this point. I dare you to mooooove…" Rainer added.


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