Top 8 Reasons To Stock Up On Ammo RIGHT NOW
Sponsored · Jan 31, 2022 ·

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If you have less than infinity rounds of ammunition in your house, it's time to buy more ammo!

Say what? You need a better reason than that? Ok fine - here are eight.

1) You'll need enough ammo to defend yourself from the zombie hoard caused by the next Wuhan lab leak: We heard COVID-20's a doozy.

2) To fill up those new 700-round drum magazines you just bought for your AR-15: Next year they're coming out with a 1000 round drum! 'Merica!

3) Just in case you get dirt on the Clintons: If you get dirt on Hillary, you need to be prepared to defend yourself against a full military strike. 

4) It's time for us to buy what we have been buying and that time is every day: Wise words from Kamala Harris!

5) So you'll have something to shoot into the sky as you salute the American flag every night: Everyone does this, right?

6) Buying Ammo makes Beto O'Rourke cry: This, in turn, helps everyone fill up their Leftist Tears tumbler! Win-win!

7) So you can defend against continually encroaching tyranny: While you're at the store, you'd better pick up a couple of F-15s and maybe some nukes. 

8) It's cheaper than gas right now: You might as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Stock up, buddy!  

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KIR Ammo has the ammunition for YOU: the Freedom-Loving American Citizen! Visit KIR Ammo today!

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