Top 10 Locations To Take A Girl On A First Date
Life · Oct 26, 2023 ·

Dating is tough these days! How can you impress a woman and show her a great time?

After extensive research, including talking to someone who talked to a woman once, the woman experts at The Babylon Bee have come up with the 10 absolute greatest locations to take a girl on a first date. You're welcome.

  1. Costco food court: $1.50 hotdogs, and if things go well, a walk through the store getting samples for dessert.
  2. Cracker Barrel: You can show off your impressive skills at that golf tee game.
  3. A hike through the woods to search for a really cool stick: What woman wouldn't love this?!
  4. Your Lego display room: Show her your collection. She won't be able to resist you once she sees your 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon.
  5. Waffle House: Be careful though, the waitress might call you "honey," which could make your date jealous.
  6. A live-action medieval role-playing game on a soccer field: Show her your homemade costume and your valiant strength at the same time.
  7. Gamestop: Ask her to point out her favorite games. This will let you know if she's the one.
  8. Sizzler: Maybe a little fancy for a first date, but you want to impress her.
  9. Laser Tag: Women love laser tag. Be sure to show no mercy and beat her decisively so she knows how capable you are.
  10. Lord of the Rings Extended Editions marathon: If she falls asleep, you'll know it was never meant to be.

Any one of these options is guaranteed to give your date a great time. You won't be sorry!

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