Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Joe Biden Fan In Your Life
Sponsored · Nov 21, 2022 ·

Brought to you by The Big Guy:

Joe Biden is the most popular president in history. You can't throw a rock without hitting someone who voted for him! So, the chances are high that someone you love is a Biden voter.

With Christmas approaching, here are some great gift ideas for the Biden fan in your life:

  1. A Joe Biden Pocket Translator: It will make his State of the Union speech come alive!
  2. An 'I Did That' Sticker removing kit: So they can show their loyalty to the Big Guy, one gas pump at a time!
  3. Flowers for their grave: Thank them for continuing to do their civic duty after death.
  4. A job on the Burisma board of directors: We know of at least one Biden voter who absolutely loved this gift!
  5. Expensive jewelry: To barter for gas.
  6. Transdubbadupressur: Not sure what it is, but Biden seems to love it!
  7. The Special Edition Matlock DVD set: Ben Matlock's folksy charm reminds us how old people can still solve crimes and destroy the economy.
  8. A life-size Zelensky huggable plush doll: Snuggle with the hero of Ukraine! $50 billion in cash not included.
  9. Thomas Sowell books: Give the best gift of all-- a big fat red pill.
  10. 10% for the big guy: Always remember to tithe the president!

If all of those gifts seem out of reach, why not give them their very own Biden doll? Adorable!

NOT SATIRE: Saving America one doll at a time! Big Guy Official is a patriot owned company and the last conservative outpost defending freedom in California.

Here at Big Guy Official we believe humor is the best weapon available (other than my AR) to help protect our republic and educate. Our doll is loaded with the most insane and wacky Joe Biden quotes that will forever live in infamy. It can also be passed down from generation to generation and will act as a reminder to never let our country fall into the hands of evil, corrupt, or senile globalists. Now you can own a piece of history!

The Big Guy is the perfect gift for fellow deplorables, gun lovers, meme lords, your uncle who loves Trump, your liberal sister that no longer speaks to you, or anyone that gets a skin-crawling feeling anytime Biden says or does anything.

God Bless!

When guns are finally banned in the coming utopia, you may still need to defend yourself on the rare occasion.

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