To Improve Box Office Performance, LeBron To Be Digitally Replaced By Michael Jordan In 'Space Jam 2'
Sports · Jul 26, 2021 ·

U.S. - Space Jam 2 hasn't been performing as well at the box office as Warner Bros. had hoped, prompting the movie studio to make drastic changes. The film has been frantically re-edited and re-released with Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, digitally inserted into the film in place of LeBron James, the second or possibly third greatest basketball player of all time.

"We realized the only way to drum up more interest in this film was to put the greatest player of all time into it," said one executive. "So we took out LeBron and put Jordan in, and whamo! People started going to see the movie." Analysts say that putting in an athlete with superior skills, a better attitude, and less hate for America "worked wonders" for the movie's box office performance, causing tons of people to flock to theatres and begin streaming the movie on HBO Max once they saw that the "insufferable" LeBron James wasn't in the movie anymore.

"I guess Jordan's the GOAT both in basketball and in live-action films mashed together with Looney Tunes characters. He's the rare total package. Well, I guess he wasn't any good at baseball. But other than that, I mean."

James didn't take the news well, tweeting out a picture of Warner Bros. studio with the ominous caption "You're next."


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