Tired Of Christians Imposing Their Religious Beliefs On Others, Democrats Come Out Against Equality
Politics · Jul 5, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - A number of Democrats have called the recent laws restricting abortion "imposing religion on others" since the basis of the laws is the ultra-religious view that murdering one's offspring is wrong. Now some are going further and attacking other laws they see as imposing the Christian religion on society, specifically any having to do with treating all people as equal.

"Treating all people as equal is an extreme Christian view that has no place in the law," presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand told a sparse crowd. "If you want to believe people have a soul and are all of equal value, you can, but that religious view has no place in government."

Christians hold the religious belief that all people have an immortal soul beyond any earthly value and that in Heaven there are no divisions between people. This belief runs counter to the prevailing evolutionary theory that people, like any other animals, are unequal, some adapted better than others. Despite the science, the religious view of equality is the basis of many laws. Democrats now vow to change that.

"I've long held onto my list definitively ranking the races, and I think it's time I share it," Joe Biden said at a campaign stop, embracing the new anti-equality view. In a similar vein, Democrats are vowing to fight a number of different laws, such as those restricting abortion and laws recognizing human rights, i.e., anything that follows the extreme religious view that human life is valuable and should be treated with dignity.

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