Tim Tebow’s Friends Annoyed As He Keeps Tebowing During Friendly Game of Pickleball
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JACKSONVILLE, FL — Tim Tebow's friends reportedly grew annoyed during a friendly game of pickleball this week, as the former quarterback kept stopping the game to "Tebow" after every point scored.

"Nice forehand Ti -- and, there he goes," said Kevin Reese, as Tebow knelt for the thirteenth time. "This is going to take a while."

Despite pickleball's relatively rapid pace and high scoring, Mr. Tebow has steadfastly continued the "Tebowing" tradition from his football days. "No concrete court is stopping Tim," said doubles partner Jared Gillum. "The dude's kneecaps are pretty much rubbed off at this point. Oh - hang on - looks like he's done kneeling. Okay, nine serving two!"

As the game stretched from minutes into hours, a crowd of curious onlookers began to surround the pickleball court. "Tim would smash an ace, then Tebow. Rip a forehand, then Tebow," said witness Tiffany Jenkins. "Take a water break, then Tebow. It was an unreal eight hours of pickleball."

At publishing time, Tebow had left the pickleball court and was last seen exiting his car to kneel in solemn prayer in the McDonald's drive-through after receiving his Big Mac Extra Value Meal.

NOT SATIRE: If you're a person of faith, you'll love this. The Supreme Court recently overturned a 50-year-old legal precedent that permitted open hostility to public expressions of faith.

To get the word out, this calls for… more public expressions of faith!

The now-overturned precedent was used to fire high school coach Joe Kennedy.

His crime? Praying in public after games.

It took seven years of court battles to get the precedent overturned and his job back.

To celebrate, our friends at First Liberty Institute created the "First Freedom Challenge."

We want people to fill local stadiums and pray after the game — just like Coach Kennedy on his first game back — Friday, September 1st.

Here are three things you can do to promote the First Freedom Challenge.

  1. Sign up now at RFIA.org and commit to praying with Coach Kennedy on September 1st.
  2. Record a short video message challenging people to take a knee in prayer with Coach Kennedy.
  3. Share your video message on social media.

It's been decades since Americans enjoyed this level of freedom. So, let's express our faith!

Sign up to take the First Freedom Challenge at rfia.org.

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