Tim Keller Gives Up Writing Endnotes For Lent

NEW YORK, NY—Publishing industry insiders have confirmed a report that best-selling author Tim Keller plans on giving up the writing of endnotes for Lent. As part of this decision, for the next 40 days, all Keller writings will include references exclusively in footnotes.

"I realize that this season is a time to give up cherished things," Keller tweeted, "And there are few things I cherish more than endnotes."

Some readers expressed concern that Keller would not include any notes in his writings. "Dr. Keller's endnotes have had more content than most evangelical books I read," one reader expressed on Twitter. "I will miss them greatly." However, Keller assured people that all content will still be available in footnotes. 

"While some footnotes may end up taking up the whole page," Keller wrote, "I intend to include no less content in my current writing projects."

Because the Lent season is only 40 days long, this is only projected to affect 2 or 3 books that Keller will write during the Lent season.

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