Thousands Saved After Worship Band Nails Sick Bass Drop
Church · Jul 21, 2017 ·

KANSAS CITY, MO - After the worship band's DJ nailed a "sick bass drop" in an EDM remix of popular worship song "This is Amazing Grace" at a midweek service, thousands poured to the front of Gracebeats Church to pray the sinner's prayer and receive Christ, sources confirmed Friday.

After the worship song's fifth chorus, the church's house DJ reportedly felt the Spirit calling him to perform an extended musical interlude into a dope bass drop. Driving the song through a series of electronic riffs, DJ Diamond Disciple finally pulled off the bass drop while yelling, "DIAMOND GONNA D-D-D-D-D-DROP DAT BASSSSS!!!" through a synthetic voice filter, just before going into the worship song's bridge.

At that moment, the crowds gave in and put their faith in Jesus, according to witnesses.

"I could really feel the Lord's call on my heart building throughout the song, but when the music pulled back for a moment and the bass dropped harder than the walls surrounding Jericho, I knew it was time for me to surrender my life to Christ," one woman said, weeping. "I once was blind, but now that DJ Diamond Disciple dropped that bass, I can see."

Other new converts expressed similar sentiments, stating that the glory of the resurrected Christ only became clear to them when the music cut out momentarily only to return with a heavy, brutal synthetic bass line.

The vision and leadership cohort at Gracebeats Church was reportedly pleased with the wave of new converts, and quickly capitalized on the moment by announcing that the church would be adding mandatory bass drops to all hymns, praise choruses, and worship songs moving forward.

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