Thoughtful Toddler Empties All Items Out Of Every Drawer In The House So Mom Doesn't Have To
Family · Sep 8, 2023 ·

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Local toddler Max Hansen worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon Thursday to empty every single item out of every single drawer and cupboard so his tired, overworked mom didn't have to.

"I went in to take a shower thinking Max was playing quietly in his room with his block set," Max's mom Rachel said. "When I went to check on him, I was amazed to find that he'd managed to empty every cup and bowl out of the kitchen drawers and was in the living room working on the board games and tablecloths. Thanks, buddy!"

Rachel admits she was definitely going to do all that on her own at some point and was touched to see Max doing such a thoughtful chore to help her out.

"Yeah, I was totally going to dump all the spices out, empty the measuring cups and kitchen utensils on the ground, and unload every single article of clothing in the entire house out onto the carpet. Now I get the honor of spending the rest of my day putting it all back…fun!"

Upon seeing the mess, Rachel's husband Dan questioned his wife as to why she dumped all the dog food out of the food dish into the water dish before remembering that they had a 15-month-old angel of destruction living in the house whose sole goal was to make sure nothing ever stays picked up for more than five seconds ever.

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