There's No Such Thing As 'Cancel Culture' - Op-Ed By Adolf Hitler

There’s a common whine these days about this imagined thing called “Cancel Culture.” Supposedly some people are getting mobbed and pushed out of society—“canceled” as they call it. This is nonsense.

Can you name anyone who has been canceled? You can’t. Because it’s made up. Sure you can name a few people who lost their jobs or otherwise disappeared, but that’s because they voiced views that were abhorrent to modern, civilized society or were part of groups we’ve learned we just can’t tolerate anymore. But that’s not “canceling." That is justice.

And here we get to the heart of the matter: when people complain about “Cancel Culture,” what they’re really saying is that they want to get away with saying whatever they want with no consequences. Well, sorry, things don’t work that way. We live in a society that has determined some things are just beyond the pale, and if you want to spew your filth anyway, you should expect bad things to happen.

So, if what you want to say makes you scared of “Cancel Culture,” maybe that’s just a good indication your views are bad and shouldn’t be said. Heil me.

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