Trump Administration Adds ‘Who’s Your Favorite President?’ To Citizenship Test
Politics · Dec 8, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C - Sweeping changes are being rolled out by the Trump administration for the United States citizenship test. The new test, which is required by all immigrants to become a citizen, is raising eyebrows with the addition of questions such as, "Who is your favorite President?"

"Look, we had a test-- a very bad test, frankly, that needed to be changed," said President Trump. "It was a total disaster, you had people entering this country and they couldn't even tell you who the greatest President of all time is!"

Immigrants now have the option to either select Donald J. Trump as their favorite president or they can take a stuffy, boring test with the requirement of getting 12 out of 20 questions correct. Some have balked at the idea of adding more questions and further increasing the barriers to becoming a U.S citizen, while others welcome this new change.

"When I went to answer who my favorite President was, the only option available was Donald Trump," said recent applicant Miguel Anaya. "It was the easiest test of my life!"

The Trump administration has also added some last-minute bonus questions for those who decided to take the full test. They have included questions such as "Who rigged and stole the U.S election?", "Who will never be President?", and "Who built the cages?".


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