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The Economist Apologizes After Labeling Ben Shapiro 'Alt-Right' Instead Of 'Filthy Nazi'

LONDON—The Economist has issued an apology after it incorrectly labeled Ben Shapiro "alt-right," instead of just straight-up calling him a Nazi.

Thousands of liberals criticized the headline that called Shapiro an "alt-right sage," pointing out that Shapiro's actually closer to being a member of the Nazi Party, since he disagrees with them. After the original headline endured heavy criticism on Twitter and other social networks, the website finally changed it to call Shapiro an "incredibly bigoted Nazi" and issued an apology.

"Due to an editorial oversight, we accidentally labeled Orthodox Jewish conservative man Ben Shapiro an alt-right figure, when in fact he is a filthy Nazi," the publication wrote in its Editor's Note to correct the original story. "This was a simple oversight. It won't happen again."

At publishing time, the publication had apologized a second time for labeling Shapiro a "Nazi" instead of "Adolf Hitler reincarnated."

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