The 7 Most Iconic Christian Fashions
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If there's anything Christianity is known for, it's being on the cutting edge of music, pop culture, and fashion. For hundreds of years, people have looked to Christianity for guidance in everything that's cool! 

Let's take a look back at the coolest and most iconic Christian fashion choices ever!

1) The floor-length denim skirt: A modest classic! While all the other women clothe themselves in attractive attire, women who wear floor-length denim prefer to be clothed in strength and dignity. Epic. 

2) The John the Baptist camel-hair robe and sandal combo: You will never be as cool as this ancient street preacher who lived in the woods and ate bugs. He didn't fall prey to consumer trends. He made his own clothes, darn it! 

3) The homeschooler bowl cut: When you're a busy mom with 12 kids, you don't have the time or money to get haircuts for everyone. Just stick a bowl on their heads and snip everything below it! A timeless look. 

4) The Hebrew tattoo you forgot the meaning of: It's been ten years since you took Hebrew at Bible school. Maybe it means Adonai? Spirit? Warrior? Whatever. It looks cool, and that's what matters. 

5) The prosperity preacher suit: Nothing oozes cool like a twelve-thousand dollar suit that already looks 20 years out of date when you buy it. Only the uber-prosperous can afford to look this bad. Awesome. 

6) The Calvinist plaid shirt and beard combo: If you see these cool dudes coming, you can bet there are large amounts of IPAs, cigars, and overly obnoxious theological debates following close behind.  

7) The "deep v" with skinny jeans: This look just screams "relevant". With a couple of trips to the teen boy's section of Target, this look can be pulled off by any youth pastor looking to connect with his fellow kids. 

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