Texas Democrats In D.C. Shriek In Terror When Asked To Show IDs For Capitol Tour
Politics · Jul 14, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrat politicians from Texas are currently enjoying a relaxing paid vacation in America's capitol after bravely leaving their jobs to avoid voting for evil and racist voter suppression laws like requiring an ID to vote. 

Their fun field trip hit a snag, however, when they signed up for a Capitol tour and were required to show identification to enter.

"AHHHHHHHH! The racism has escaped Texas and made it all the way to D.C.!" shrieked Representative Fiona Pastewax. "This is suppression! Hands up don't shoot! Black lives matter!" She then hurled herself out a window and hid in the bushes to escape all the racism.

Dozens of Texas lawmakers then sat on the floor with pouty faces and refused to move until security would let them in without showing IDs.

According to sources, they are currently enjoying chicken nuggets and juice boxes and playing duck duck goose. CNN is reporting that this stunning and brave "sit-in" is expected to last for several weeks- or until they all get their way. 


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