Terrifying New Horror Movie For Liberal Audiences Shows Politicians Leaving Them Alone, Letting Them Make Own Decisions
Entertainment · Oct 1, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Theaters across the nation are about to leave modern audiences shaking in their boots with the release of Individual Responsibility, a terrifying new horror movie where politicians leave people alone to make their own decisions regarding what to do with their own lives.

Directed by the Wachowskis, Individual Responsibility features a loaded cast of stars like George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Chris Evans, and Margot Robbie who are all navigating a hellish American landscape where the government is just a small constitutional republic and the citizens are left all alone to make up their own rules for their lives so long as they don't hurt anyone else or take their stuff. 

"It's Atlas Shrugged meets The Quiet Place," noted Baldwin who plays the limited government orange-hued president who doesn't care if his citizens buy AR-15s, pay less than a 39% top income tax rate, or go to church without wearing a mask or being vaccinated. "America very quickly becomes chaotic when an elite group of limousine liberals and establishment politicians in Washington, D.C. stops knowing what's best for all 340 million people."

The ominous 48-second trailer depicts an alternate version of America where there are no federal vaccine mandates enacted through OSHA, no Internal Revenue Service, and no Federal Departments of Energy, Education, Environmental Protection, or Health and Human Services at all.

It begins with a creaking door slowly opening up to reveal a perfectly normal sunny day outside with birds chirping and people going about their daily lives with not a single bureaucrat or politician in sight to tell everyone what they should be doing. One man is building a house without a building permit while some neighborhood children sell homemade lemonade from their driveway and then a quick cut shows us a woman selling raw milk outside her family dairy that hasn't been approved by the FDA. The next scene shows a fully packed church with hundreds of people who are not socially distanced bowing their heads in prayer to an all-powerful being that isn't the government. Wow. Creepy!

The premise of the movie is quite outside what modern American moviegoers living in a cradle-to-grave welfare state expect and it might be too much for some viewers. At publishing time, the Motion Pictures Association of America is rating this movie NC-17 for scenes of sheer terror depicting a restrained government just following the Constitution and not telling you what to do with your life.

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