Teacher Trying To Manage 30 Kids Over Zoom Clearly Chugging Down Bottle Of Wine
Life · Aug 13, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

COOS BAY, OR - Local schoolteacher Mrs. Brady was trying to manage a Zoom class of 30 kindergarten kids. Halfway through the first hour of the 4-hour zoom call with over two dozen 5- and 6-year-olds, the woman was seen on camera quite obviously chugging down an entire bottle of wine.

"Hang on, class -- Mrs. Brady needs to get a drink of grape juice," the traumatized teacher said 30 minutes into the class. "You all be good little boys and girls while I just take a nice little sip of this special drink."

The teacher then uncorked a bottle of wine and pounded down several glasses.

"Hey, my mom has that sometimes after she takes me and my brothers to the park," said one student. "Mommy loves her grape juice."

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that every parent trying to get their kids to quiet down for the teacher had opened a bottle of wine as well.

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