Taliban Celebrates 9/11 With Patriotic Flyover Of U.S. Black Hawks
World · Sep 13, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

KABUL - According to reports coming out of Afghanistan, the Taliban celebrated its high holy day of 9/11 over the weekend with a patriotic flyover consisting of a full formation of Black Hawk helicopters recently acquired from the United States government.

The formation flew over the capital, with every citizen rapt with attention watching the moving display because it was so powerful, and also because they would be shot if they looked away.

"Such a moving patriotic display!" said one reporter on the ground. "I wonder where they got so many helicopters?"

"It just makes your heart swell with pride to see this show of strength from the inclusive, mask-wearing Taliban."

The air show was complemented by a parade of United States military jeeps, trucks, tanks, and a full 500,000-machine-gun salute.

The reporter then praised the Taliban's patriotic flyover for having lots of diversity and representation, as women in hijabs were forced to march behind the tanks.

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