For Pride Month, Taco Bell To Continue Giving Explosive Diarrhea To All Genders And Orientations
Health · Jun 12, 2021 ·

U.S. - Taco Bell, a beloved chain of authentic Mexican food restaurants around the world, has announced they will be honoring Pride Month by giving LGBTQ customers explosive diarrhea like they always do. 

"Taco Bell remains truly committed to equality, equity, equilibrium, equivocation, and other 'eq' words for all genders and sexual orientations," said Yum! Brands CEO Mark King. "No one should be told they don't deserve explosive diarrhea on a Saturday night because of how they identify or who they love." 

To recognize the dignity and achievements of LGBTQ+ people around the world, Taco Bell has directed their food alchemists to concoct new rainbow-colored chemical abominations that deliciously hit the spot after a night of unfettered debauchery.

The "Rainbow Cheesy Core Toasted Glitter XXXL Chalupa Burrito" is proving to be a huge hit, having the benefit of tasting just as delicious as Taco Bell's other addictive products while also offering a classic case of explosive diarrhea. 

"Come to the Bell and support the cause!" said King.

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