Support Growing For Common Sense Tweet Control
Politics · Mar 24, 2021 ·

U.S. - After a recent tragic shooting, millions of people across the country immediately took to social media, all competing to say the absolute worst things the human mind can think of in a situation like this. Because of this, bipartisan support is growing for common sense Tweet control. 

"The amount of bad takes on social media is staggering," said Gizmo Dunkleton, a leftist. "I even told someone to delete their account yesterday and they ignored me! It's past time we introduced some modest legislation to prevent this. How many more people will be traumatized by these horrible tweets before we do something?"

"Listen, I'm all for freedom of speech and everything, but this has gotten out of hand," said Chucky-Bob Willard, a conservative. "Did you see what Michael Moore said? It should be against the law to be that stupid." 

A small minority of free speech absolutists are suggesting nothing should be done about horrible takes on social media, even as bad takes subject millions of people to continual outrage every day.

Twitter has responded, saying they are working hard to remove dangerously bad right-wing tweets from their platform. They had promised to address the bad left-wing tweets as well, but later said they couldn't find any. 

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