Subway Station Under Criticism After Giving White Supremacists A Platform
U.S. · Oct 22, 2019 ·

HARVILLE, NC - Citylink subway station in Harville has come under fire on social media after it was revealed they had been giving white supremacists a platform. Journalist Shelly Greenblatt was the first to connect the dots.

"I noticed a man on the subway the other day wearing a MAGA hat. One of the subway station security officers was present and he did nothing. He didn't even shove the man onto the tracks just as the subway train arrived. Apparently, Citylink is OK with giving white supremacists a platform," Greenblatt said in a social media post that went viral.

Further research showed that the subway station had been giving white supremacists a platform since it was constructed back in 1986. "This is a platform a lot of people use," said Stan Henshaw of "If this subway station continues giving a platform to racists, they're part of the problem."

CityLink CEO Martin Kendall says that the subway line has decided to implement new "No Racists" signs that will be hung at every subway station entry point. "We hope this shows people we are intentional about our desire not to spread racism on our subway lines," Kendall told reporters.

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