Study: 100% Of Events That Contradict Your Narrative Are False Flag Conspiracies
Politics · Oct 25, 2018 ·

U.S. - A new study released Thursday found that 100% of notable political events that conflict with your preconceived ideas are false flag conspiracies hatched by the deep state in an effort to control the populace and discredit your political movement.

The study found that every single event that causes you to question your political beliefs was faked by deep state operatives.

"Whether it's pipe bombs being mailed to people of an opposing political party or a caravan of immigrants looking for a better life, every single thing that happens that doesn't jive with your political beliefs is a massive conspiracy," said the study's head of research, Dr. Alex J. Ownes. "You can safely avoid self-examination, because whatever happened, it was faked to make your side look bad."

"School shootings, bombs, bad reviews of movies you like - they're all false flags," Ownes added.

At publishing time, the study had also confirmed that every politician you don't like was only elected because of some combination of voter fraud, voter suppression, or Russian meddling.


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