Study: 100% Of Elections Are 'The Most Important Election Of Your Lifetime'

U.S.—A new study released Monday confirmed that every single election of your life is "the most important election of your lifetime," definitively proving that you need to get really worked up about each and every election that occurs during your time on earth.

"The data is clear: while the 2016 presidential election was definitely the most important election of your lifetime, the midterms are also the most important election of your lifetime," said Dr. Michael Segal of Harvard University. "And our projections further indicate that once we're finished working everybody up into a frenzy about this one, the one that follows will also be the most important election of your lifetime."

Previous work in the field seemed to indicate that the average lifetime only had 3 or 4 "most important" elections. This new study turns conventional thought on its head, conclusively demonstrating that every election, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, has massive repercussions.

"A local school board election? Most important, for sure. A run-off for PTA president? Definitely the most important. And don't even get us started on a relatively standard midterm election: that one is the most most important election of your life," Segal added.

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