Spotify To Add Helpful Label To Assist People In Finding The Best Podcast Episodes
Entertainment · Feb 9, 2022 ·

U.S. - Spotify has announced they will soon be adding warnings to podcast episodes containing medical misinformation, which will also act as a handy label enabling listeners to find all the best and most interesting episodes.

Joe Rogan, who hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, came under fire recently for not better articulating which of his episodes were the best. Now with the help of Spotify, users will be able to look for the handy visual cue of a skull and crossbones over the words "THIS PODCAST CONTAINS MEDICAL MISINFORMATION" to find out which podcasts contain interesting interviews with free thinkers.

"I used to have to scroll past hundreds of rows of boring episodes to find the good ones," said Spotify user Randy Meadows. "Now, I just look for the handy 'MISINFORMATION' badge to find the good stuff!"

Sources within the company say podcast episodes with the warning badge are becoming the most listened-to content on the platform. To address the embarrassing backfire, Spotify will soon be adding an additional warning label that says: "DON'T YOU DARE LISTEN TO THIS OR ELSE!" 

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