New ASMR Video For Conservatives Just 10-Hour Loop Of Soothing AR-15 Sounds
Internet · Jan 9, 2024 ·

U.S. — The ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) trend, once dominated by genZ kids and godless communists, has reportedly spread over to the conservative demographic with an exciting new video that is just someone firing an AR-15 and reloading it for ten hours.

"I didn't get the deal with ASMR videos until I watched this video of AR-15 sounds looping for ten hours," commented Youtube user SuperPatriot47. "So relaxing. Mmmmm, I can almost smell the gunpowder."

"Ohhh! I feel tingly all over!"

The video is a single shot of a man loading and firing an AR-15. Sometimes he says, "Oh yeah. Nailed it." Otherwise, the only sound in the video is from the AR-15. The clicks and slides punctuated by the explosion of gunpowder reportedly have a calming effect on conservatives aged 40 and up.

The sudden popularity of the video has led to a number of copycats featuring different weapons being fired and reloaded. One such video features a man in a tuxedo firing, reloading, and cleaning a Browning Automatic Rifle while periodically whispering "America" in the microphone.

"NEW 10 hours of ASMR, AR-15, Gun Sounds, good for sleep, mediation, relaxation" has racked up over 3 million views at publishing time.

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