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Socialists Criticized As 'Math Deniers'

U.S.—Advocates of socialism are being criticized for their belief that a centrally planned economy can ever properly allocate resources in society. Those who believe this backward philosophy that's failed every time it's been tried are being labeled "math deniers."

"The time for debate has passed," said one leading economist. "Rather than engaging with this kind of thinking, we need to shun people who believe the government can control the means of production without totally destroying an economy, leading to mass starvation and much higher levels of oppression."

"Do not engage these people---they are a menace to society."

Critics of socialism have pointed out that the economic consensus is clear: socialism does not work and cannot calculate prices as the free market can.

"It's dangerous that we're giving a platform to people who deny very basic math," said the economist. "It's time for us to move on and figure out how to provide greater economic freedom rather than listening to these backward, math-denying bigots."

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