Snopes: 'The Claim That Trump Is Hitler Lacks Concrete Evidence But Alludes To A Deeper Truth'
Internet · Sep 17, 2019 ·

U.S. - Snopes usually does a pretty good job at being the world's most trusted source for non-partisan fact-checks of fake news, memes, and obvious jokes. But they've really stepped in it this time, drawing criticism for a recent fact-check of the left's claim that Trump is literally Hitler.

While you would think the claim would be pretty easy to disprove, seeing as Hitler has been dead for a long time or maybe is in hiding in Argentina with Elvis, Snopes disagreed, rating the claim "Unproven."

"An intriguing rumor about the president lacks concrete evidence but alludes to a deeper truth," a caption on the article read. The piece continued: "We could not actually find that Trump is Hitler. We checked hundreds of medical records. We even banged on the doors to the White House and screamed, 'HEY TRUMP ARE YOU HITLER!?!' But nothing turned up."

In an apparent smoking gun, however, Snopes investigators could not find evidence that Trump and Hitler had ever been in the same room together, leaving the door open that they might be the same person.

Still, they could not find concerete evidence. So they did the next best thing and rated the claim "unproven," stating that there is a deeper truth to the story than just the facts.

"While Trump may not be factually Hitler, he is morally Hitler, so we're gonna go with 'Unproven,'" said one Snopes writer. "The important thing for a fact-checker is not the facts, but the truth."


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