SNL Tries Bold New Strategy Of Making Fun Of Trump
Entertainment · Oct 1, 2019 ·

NEW YORK, NY - Saturday Night Live has experienced some falling ratings recently, so producers needed something new to freshen things up. The idea they landed on? Making fun of President Trump.

"We're losing ratings here---what should we do?" asked one producer. Everyone thought about it for a few minutes, and finally, one writer chimed in: "Why don't we just make things more well-rounded? We'll make fun of the left a lot more. There are millions of Americans that would resonate with."

He was asked to clean out his desk, and his social media history was quickly scanned for racist tweets. He has been canceled.

Another, more woke writer then suggested: "We should make fun of Trump." He was applauded and called stunning and brave. His picture was hung on the wall of the writers' room. He has been nominated for canonization as a saint in the Anglican Church.

Despite their best efforts, SNL's premiere didn't experience the ratings bump that they had hoped for. They have decided that it was because they didn't make fun of Trump hard enough, so they will be making fun of him four times as hard next week.

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