Smart: Dad Plays Creative Game With Kids Where He’s Asleep The Entire Time
Family · Jan 7, 2022 ·

PUEBLO, CO - Local father Tom Kabara was put in charge of his kids for a few hours over the weekend while his wife went out to get her nails done and do some shopping with her girlfriends.

He had had an exhausting week at work and was feeling extra tired, so when the kids asked him to play a game with them he came up with the perfect idea: they would play "Dead Guy."

"Dead Guy," according to Kabara, is an extremely fun game where the dead guy, Kabara, just lays there, asleep, as the children try to resuscitate him.

The game was quite a delight for the children, who enjoy a good challenge, and Kabara, who enjoys a good nap, but after a while, the children started to worry about their dad's health. 

"Dead guy? Are you there?" Kabara's three-year-old daughter Lilly asked, about five minutes into the game. But Kabara just laid there, snoring a little, with a smile on his face and a bit of drool sliding down his cheek.

"Dad, you're scaring us," his five-year-old boy Sam said, fifteen minutes into Kabara's nap. But Tom Kabara snoozed on.

A few minutes later, in a bid of desperation, five-year-old Sam stood over his father with a large cup in his hand. He then turned the cup over, releasing a stream of ice-cold water directly onto his father's face, immediately bringing him back to life. 

This man is under arrest - for MANSPLAINING!

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