Smart: Bachelor Sends Every Girl Home Without A Rose And Looks For A Nice Girl At Church
Entertainment · Feb 16, 2022 ·

AGOURA HILLS, CA - Fans of ABC's highly popular reality TV show The Bachelor, were in for a shock this season when Clayton Echard decided to not hand out a single rose, and instead went looking for a nice, quality woman at church.

Normally each episode ends with a rose ceremony where the lucky women who are handed roses stay on, while those without a rose are sent packing.

"Tonight, as I've gotten to know each of you and with careful consideration…I've decided to give a rose to…none of you," said the Bachelor tossing aside all of the roses. "Instead, I will be going to my local church and looking for a Godly and virtuous woman who honors the Lord, and is suitable for marriage."

The contestants immediately began weeping and begging Clayton for another chance - but they soon realized he was sincere in his desire for a good girl from church and that the season had come to an abrupt end after only 1 short episode.

"I knew I needed to find a girl who is serious about her faith, has a good head on her shoulders - someone I could raise a family with, and that someone was nowhere to be found with this lot," explained Clayton after the show. "I mean sure - these girls are beautiful, but I want someone that isn't just trying to win a contest, constantly starting drama, and who is waiting for marriage as God has intended."

Since the show has ended, Clayton Echard has been spotted getting involved in his local church's singles ministry. Jackpot! 

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