Shane & Shane Involved In Bitter Legal Dispute Over Whose Name Should Come First

DALLAS, TX—The two eponymous frontmen of Christian music act Shane & Shane seem to get along fine in public and at their concerts across the country, but behind the scenes, there’s bad blood a-boilin’, according to insiders.

A legal battle is reportedly brewing over whose name should appear first in the band’s name, friends of Shane Barnard and Shane Everett claim, with both demanding their “Shane” appear first on records and promotional materials.

“The second Shane insists he should be listed first, even though he doesn’t even play the guitar,” one insider told us. “The first Shane thinks that’s ridiculous, of course, and refused to switch the name to ‘Shane & Shane’ instead of the current ‘Shane & Shane.'”

In one bitter shouting match, Barnard reportedly screamed at Everett, “YOU WOULDN’T KNOW A B MINOR CHORD FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND!” causing Everett to begin to weep uncontrollably and run from the studio in tears.

Shows have reportedly been cancelled until the legal dispute is resolved.

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