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Sean Hannity Leads First Baptist Dallas In Sincere Prayer To Donald Trump

DALLAS, TX—After being invited onstage for an interview with Pastor Robert Jeffress during Sunday morning service, popular conservative radio personality Sean Hannity reportedly led the congregation at First Baptist Dallas in a sincere prayer to Donald Trump.

Hannity asked all those gathered to bow their heads and close their eyes before the interview began, so the firm believers in the Republican party gathered could ask for the power of Donald Trump to indwell them in the quiet, serene religious moment.

“Bless this great church, Lord Trump, and allow them to stand as a shining light to the glory of the American empire,” Hannity intoned, as hundreds around the congregation muttered, “Yes, Lord. Yes, Trump.”

“We just ask, Father Trump, that you would just, just use this place to advance the good news of right-wing politics, that you would spread your message far and wide. Just use us now, Father Trump. It is in the name of Ronald Reagan that we pray, amen!” he finished before the congregation rose in a standing ovation for his “beautiful” invocation.

Later stating he was simply feeling the power of Trump surging through him, Hannity then segued into an altar call, asking anyone who hadn’t believed on Donald Trump for the first time to come forward. Over thirty liberals were reportedly saved into the kingdom of conservatism, sources confirmed.

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