Scholars Now Believe Job's Friends Were First-Year Seminary Students
Scripture · May 1, 2019 ·

U.S. - A group of Old Testament scholars is now claiming that Job's friends had just enrolled in their first year of seminary when they came to comfort the biblical figure for his horrible losses.

Job's friends' irritating lectures, incorrect theology, faulty assumptions, and inability to sympathize with Job very much were all leading indicators of the fact that they were seminarians.

"You can see by the way they have no idea what they're talking about and keep just blasting Job with truth bombs instead of just listening to him that they were in their first year of training for ministry," Dr. Gayle Herber, professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary said. "Look how long they drone on and on for while their friend is hurting---they obviously just started going to Bible college or seminary."

Scholars analyzed the level of annoyingness of the speech patterns of Job's friends and compared it with someone who just started studying the Bible, theology, Greek, and Hebrew.

"What we found was remarkable: Job's friends are just as irritating as your buddy who just got back from his first semester of seminary and tries to school you on everything."

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