Sad: Supply Chain Issues Prevent Teen Farmer From Picking Up Power Converters At Tosche Station
Entertainment ยท Oct 21, 2021

ANCHORHEAD - Due to widespread supply chain issues plaguing the galaxy, a poor teen farmer boy was unable to acquire power converters at Tosche Station, sources on the outer rim planet confirmed today.

The station is usually stocked with plenty of varieties of power converters, necessary for moisture farming on the remote planet of Tatooine. But customers have been posting pictures online of empty shelves from the shop, getting the hashtag #EmptyShelvesPalpatine trending.

"I just really wanted to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters," the boy whined. "But they didn't have any. They said something about the spaceports being all backed up. Apparently, there are thousands of transports just floating out there waiting to be unloaded. Some union thing."

"This sucks! Uncle Oweeeeeeeeeen!" he cried. "WAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Merl Tosche, owner of Tosche Station, said he's trying his hardest to restock the power converters, but that it's unlikely they'll get any more in before the holiday season.

At publishing time, Uncle Owen had told Luke that since there are no power converters available, he'll just have to waste time with his friends once his chores are done.


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