Sad: YouTuber MrBeast Spends Millions Curing Blind People When He Could've Sent Another Tank To Ukraine
Celebs · Jan 31, 2023 ·

U.S. — Famous YouTube personality MrBeast is being criticized after his latest YouTube video revealed he had spent millions to pay for surgeries to cure blindness in 1000 patients — money that could have been used to send more tanks and artillery to Ukraine.

"MrBeast's little stunt was an act of selfishness like nothing I've ever seen," said former Congressman and aspiring YouTuber Adam Kinzinger. "How could you waste money giving people the gift of sight when democracy itself is at stake in Ukraine? Priorities, people!"

Experts estimate that for the cost of 1000 eye surgeries, MrBeast could have purchased one M1 Abrams tank or dozens of Javelin missiles that would have killed countless Russians in battle or been sold on the black market to pay Zelensky's prostitution bill from his recent trip to D.C. "We need to protect our kids from YouTube stars like this," said Congressman Mitt Romney. "They teach kids the wrong priorities."

At publishing time, MrBeast incited further uproar when he announced he would pay for spinal surgery for 1000 people using money that could have gone toward Congressional pay raises.

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