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Sad: This Guy Knows Exactly How To Fix America's Race Issues, But Nobody Reads His Facebook Posts

Welp, it looks like race relations in this country could be a whole lot better if the people in charge knew who to listen to.

Joe Ballenger is a 34-year-old sales professional from New York who is passionate about politics and knows EXACTLY how to fix all of America’s race issues. He’s even generous enough to outline his proven theories in detail, for free, on his personal Facebook account.

There’s only one problem: pretty much nobody on earth reads any of his Facebook posts. Sad!

“I’m telling you, I know how to fix all the race problems in America, 100%. I’ve laid it all out numerous times, right on Facebook, in capital letters with lots of exclamation points,” Ballenger recently announced in the break room of the company he works for, according to one of his co-workers. “It’s not friggin’ rocket science. If somebody in the government—or anybody at all, for that matter—would read one of my dozens of daily Facebook posts, we could put all this crap behind us. Guaranteed!”

Can our governing officials please GET WITH IT and go read some of Joe’s posts?

ATTENTION U.S. GOVERNMENT: this guy’s got the answers! Listen to Joe!

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