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Sad: This Egalitarian Church Hosted A Potluck But No One Brought Any Sandwiches

First United Methodist in Covington is an egalitarian church which prides itself on treating men and women the same. You go, church!

But the congregation ran into a major snafu at a recent potluck: no one brought any sandwiches to the event, since neither the men or the women wanted to submit themselves to the task of making some tasty PB&Js or perhaps some BLTs.


Some people at the potluck said it was still a successful event, as attendees just sat in circles talking about stuff like equality, peace, and love the whole time while sipping on some orange juice—but man, not a sandwich in sight! They must’ve gotten hungry, right?

Sad sad

Welp, better luck next time, church! Here’s to hoping you figure out how to make future potlucks a little more filling!

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