Sad: Antifa Rioter Excitedly Runs Out To Burn Down Neighborhood Only To Realize He Already Burned It Down In The Last Riot
Worldviews · Sep 26, 2020 ·

KENOSHA, WI - Tragic! This Antifa rioter was excited to go on a road trip and burn down a black neighborhood, only to discover he'd already burned it down in the last round of rioting.

After learning Trump was appointing a strong, brave, independent woman to the Supreme Court, he got really upset and decided it was time to show the right he meant business by going out and burning things down. Sadly, there was nothing left to burn down.

"Aw, man!" he said, kicking a piece of debris. "I really wish I hadn't used up all my rioting in the last round of riots. I really wanted to show the right how serious I was with a sequel to the riots. We would just do double riots, or riot harder, or something. But now there's nothing left to burn!"

His whole day ruined, the young man called his mom to come pick him up.

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