Romans 9 Now Includes Disclaimer That Doctrine Of Election Is Disputed
Scripture ยท Dec 17, 2020

U.S. - Various online Bibles have begun including disclaimers on passages like Romans 9, Ephesians 1, and John 6 that the doctrine of election is disputed.

"This disclaimer will notify readers when a doctrine is clearly under dispute," said one translator of the NIV. "We don't want the Bible claiming things willy-nilly without readers being able to check out many experts who have disputed these things in the past."

"This claim about the doctrine of election is disputed," says the pop-up message whenever a reader pulls up a passage talking about the doctrine of predestination and the sovereign election of God. "Click here to see how some experts have managed to explain away this clear teaching of Scripture."

Clicking on the message links the reader to alternate opinions on the doctrine of election.

As the warning system has proven to be popular, Bible versions are considering similar messages on other doctrines, notifying the user whenever there is a dispute over a teaching from Scripture. The messages are expected to be displayed on every single verse in the Bible.

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