Retractable Christian Fish Bumper Decal Now Available
Christian Living · Mar 9, 2017 ·

NASHVILLE, TN - LifeWay Christian Resources announced Thursday a new modification kit that allows Christian drivers to hide their car's ichthus fish decal from view at the push of a button.

The aftermarket mod includes a dashboard button for retracting one's Christian fish at will, as well as the wiring and body modifications necessary to instantly retract the symbol as needed.

"Want to cut someone off, but worried you'll be a bad witness? Now you can slap the red button on your dashboard and a small panel will rotate on your bumper, hiding the fish from view," a company spokesperson said. "Flip people off on the freeway, gun down the shoulder during a traffic jam, all without worrying about marring the good name of Christ."

The kit ships with several options, such as the ability to instantly replace the Christian fish decal with an atheist "flying spaghetti monster" silhouette or a Coexist sticker, or else the bumper sticker from a competing church in your town or city.

"Not only will your terrible, aggressive driving not be a bad witness for Christ, but you can also make atheists or any other church or religion you want look bad instead!" the spokesperson added.

The kit was sold out within hours of the announcement, a LifeWay spokesperson said.

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