Report: Dad's Working From Home So He's Definitely Available For Anything You Need
Life ยท Mar 12, 2021

U.S. - Since he's sitting right there at the kitchen table with his headphones on in deep concentration on his work, he's certainly available if you need a snack, want to complain about something, or just want to have a casual conversation about nothing in particular.

"Dad is right there on his laptop, so obviously you're free to interject at any time. He's not busy or anything," said one source. "No matter if he's on a video call, in deep concentration as he furiously types to get something done, or if he's obviously responding to an important email, he's just there ready and waiting to talk to you and play with you right this very instant."

"Definitely don't wait until he logs off and is able to pay attention to you. Just bust right on in there and take advantage of him working from home."

At publishing time, sources had further confirmed that every husband working from home is 100% available to do any chores, DIY projects, or anything else that his wife needs at the snap of a finger.


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