Relapsed Madame Blueberry Appears On New Episode Of 'Hoarders'
Celebs · Jul 5, 2019 ·

KITCHEN SINK - Wealthy socialite Madame Blueberry famously kicked her hoarding habit on an episode of vegetable documentary series VeggieTales in the late '90s. After a brief shopping spree, she repented and was clean for years, keeping her spending and collecting habits in check.

But now, Blueberry's back in a tragic episode of A&E's Hoarders.

"A new Stuff-Mart opened nearby, and I popped in for old times' sake," a sniffling Blueberry said on the episode as workers began cleaning out her home, which was jam-packed with tons of appliances, clothes, and consumer goods. "I thought I could handle it. The next thing I know, I was picking up a rubber hose, a rhododendron tree, and a wrap-around deck I didn't even need." 

"I even picked up a 20-gallon wok." She shrugged. "What can I say? It was in stock."

In the episode, workers comb through piles and piles of stuff, including extra refrigerators, nose rings for her poodles, and thousands of dehydrated strudels. Tons of Stuff-Mart garbage is thrown away, but the piles of junk appear to be endless.

At one point, a helper attempts to throw out one of Blueberry's giant air compressors, and she absolutely loses it. "I need that, you moron!" she screams. "What if I need to blow fruit flies off my dresser? You can't have too many giant air compressors! The Stuff-Mart sales guys said so!"

The bewildered cleanup team is thwarted time and time again as they attempt to throw out Blueberry's scuba gear, solar turkey chopper, and bungee jumping equipment. "BUT IT'S BUNGEE WUNGEE FUNGEE!" she yells, fighting them as they try to throw away the expensive bungee gear.

The episode of Hoarders ends on a somber note, as it's not clear whether Madame Blueberry is going to accept the help she needs. The show will check back in with her in a future episode of Hoarders: Update.


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