Recent Baptist Convert Horrified To Discover 'BYOB' Fellowship Night Meant 'Bring Your Own Bible'
Christian Living · Dec 6, 2018 ·

HACIENDA, NM - Local recent Baptist convert Troy Franksen was excited to go to his first BYOB Fellowship Night hosted by a fellow church member, but was horrified to discover when he arrived that BYOB stood for "Bring Your Own Bible."

As the man cheerily lugged his favorite homebrew IPA into the home Bible study, he immediately realized his error.

"Hey guys, I crafted this nice, hoppy microbrew just for - " he said, stopping midsentence as he saw everyone already at the study sipping diet soda and fruit punch, their Bibles clutched tightly. "Oh, uh, what - I thought it was - I thought it was BYOB?"

The host who'd opened the door then gestured grimly to his Bible.  "Oh! Ha! My mistake. I guess it was for the Bible. Well, that makes sense! I left mine at home. Maybe there's one I can borrow? I'll just drop these off over in the trash can, no big deal."

At publishing time, Franksen was spotted sneaking away to the restroom to flush the half-dozen cigars he brought along down the toilet.

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