Ray Comfort Clobbers Atheist With Stone-Hewn Reproduction Of Ten Commandments
Celebs · Oct 18, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - During a long day of street preaching Saturday, evangelist Ray Comfort reportedly jumped out of a set of bushes near the Huntington Beach Pier wielding a stone-hewn reproduction of the Ten Commandments, and bashed an atheist over the head, rendering him unconscious, sources confirmed.

Witnesses later reported that they had spotted Comfort wedging himself into a shrubbery lining the crowded walkway, Ten Commandments in tow, where he lay in wait for several minutes before spotting a apparent atheist wearing a "Freedom From Religion" T-shirt and fedora.

Moments later, Comfort lept out from behind the young man and swung with all his might, clocking the atheist and knocking him out cold.

As crowds gathered around, Comfort used the opportunity to illustrate the gospel.

"Behold the way of the master!" he called out as passersby stopped to check if the limp body lying at his feet was still breathing. "None of us can stand before God's law - all of us have to admit our lives don't measure up to the Almighty's perfect standard!"


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