Raging Commenter Stumbles Upon Strange Button Marked ‘Unfollow’
Internet · Feb 6, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

BOSTON, MA - After he was triggered by a recent article posted by a site he follows and proceeded to rant in the comment section for the next four hours, local Facebook user Dennis Cramer suddenly stumbled upon a strange, previously undiscovered button marked "Unfollow this page" on the site's profile.

Cramer was reportedly attempting to click the "angry" reaction when his mouse slipped and discovered the fabled button.

"I had heard rumors of its existence, but thought it was just a legend," Cramer said as he clicked the button, ensuring he would no longer have to loudly proclaim his disagreement literally every time the page posted something. "Is this some new feature recently introduced? It's a great idea, whoever came up with it."

At publishing time, Cramer had discovered similar buttons on the website's Twitter and Instagram pages, sources confirmed.

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